Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sammy Dress GIVEAWAY

Hello fashion dolls! ❤ I'll be hosting an international giveaway on my blog. Yes! You read it right. This is sponsored by Sammy Dress. Sammydress is a leading Chinese online wholesale supplier, which offers the latest fashion styles and trends at the lowest wholesale prices directly to consumers all over the world. Enjoy beautiful fashion with Sammydress to create your unique style!  I am encouraging you to join my giveaway. You can win any of the pictures posted below. Here's how to join:

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o                  The product link you chose (choose only 1 on the pictures below). Please also mention the size and the color.

The winner will be chosen randomly. The giveaway will end on March 22, 2014 and I'll contact the winner on March 23, 2014. Good luck! :)
You can choose only 1 on the pictures below! Please note the size and the color of your choice :) 

Color Block Peter Pan Collar Dress

Easy Breezy

Top | Bazaar, Skater Skirt | LePoshChic | Nude Platform

What does one wear to Sunday morning brunch, an afternoon of errands, and a big northern sale shopping later that evening? An easy street outfit, a skater skirt, and nude platform heels! MNL weather had been constantly changing, from dropping to 20 degrees Celsius and rising up to 30 degrees on the next day. Bipolar weather as an end result can be favorable for oversized sweaters and tights! Enjoying pseudo wintry and breezy weather for a moment which calls for a laid-back day. Happiness can be spelled with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. I just wish you all a happy and stress-free weekend since we’ll be all back in the reality for tomorrow.  Please don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin. Hype this look on Lookbook. Share me your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 

Much love,
Nicole xx

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Slappy Cakes

One of our bucket list this 2014 is to dine more restos which offers novelty and interactive dining settings. Indeed, Slappy Cakes is included in our top ten list. Why? cause it offers fun-filled dining experience for the kids, and kids at heart! Highly recommended for families who want to spend their Sundays in a one of a kind breakfast experience. People of all age, both children and adults, can enjoy what Slappy Cakes has to offer. 
Do-it-yourself pancakes- a must try for every breakfast lovers! :)
On their menu, aside from the bfast selection with all-American flavor, it also offers a unique Filipino breakfast foods called Slappy Happy-noy.   
We ordered for their bestseller-Pork Belly Benedict | PHP350, and definitely I couldn't agree much!! 
Pork belly confit with cider marinated coleslaw, topped with two poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce served with housemade English muffins. Probably my soulmate's favorite since I can saw his face while eating this with matching 'pikit effect' lol =))) Truly, the taste lingers in your tastebuds and will gave you that yummy sensation. hmmmmmmmmmm craving now!! :(

We ordered Buttermilk and Chocolate batter, chocolate chips and mangoes for our fixins, bacon savory, and nutella toppings!! ( just check its corresponding prices listed on the photo above)  One batter can make up to 4-6 pancakes depending for your desired size, so it is  already enough for two to three persons.  Imagine that we have 2 batters, and certainly its tooo much for both of us! 
Moving on to our fave part, creating our own pancakes!! Sorry for the fail food presentations. Unleashing our kiddo side.  :)
presenting... G ❤ N's  not so artsyy pancakes but deff delightful taste! :P

Pancakes overloaded with fixins!! :) Time to bring some pancakes to my hommies. :) 
Lastly, to complete our satisfaction, we tried their Mixed Fruit plate for our dessert. I was expecting sweeet and fresh mangoes, but sadly its quite sour..
Couple Budget: 1500 and up. 
G ❤ N`s Verdict::

Quality of Food- 5/5
Location- 5/5
Value for money-5/5
♥   Over-all- 5/5

Chili's Grill & Bar - Greenbelt

First post for 2014! - This year started pretty much good, with all the blessing I received at the present, I can`t be thankful enough for everything that I have today. I just hope good things will last, moving forward to one constant direction onto positive poles. If I’m only given a chance to have limitless period for blogging I would love to share more personal things, make more outfit posts and sensible posts- doubtless my annual resolution.   As you've seen, WH posts have been consuming my blog over my outfit posts, giving a try for food blogging that I found momentously stimulating and interesting. So here’s a quick post sharing our afternoon treat to ourselves after the crazy hell week we had at Pharma School. Then again, beating our cortisol levels! :)
Southwestern-inspired cuisine
We opt to try 'What's New' in their menu- Triple Smoked Burger | PHP430
Seasoned with smoked paprika, salt and pepper blend, topped with melted smoky chipotle cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and red onion. Full of flavor and the patty is sooo juicy and succulent! Note the heavenly taste of smoked-crispy bacon-probably one of the best in the city! Jam-packed with its premium toppings and delish fries which is ideal to share up to 4 people. Imagine how full we were that time! Pig out it is! :)

Skillet Cookie | PHP380
 G and I have the habit of 'takawmata' when it comes to ordering food. We didn't realize that one order of burger is enough for us, we're so full yet this tempting dessert craves us to eat more.I personally suggested this to my love, since I want something icy and chocolateyyy. Horaay for my comfort foods. Quite pricey but It’s superb and it flattered our full tummies. 
Strawberry Lemonade for two! costs about PHP75 each. 
I can`t wait to taste their other mouth-watering burgers and meals for our next visit. :)

Excuse our haggard slash stressed faces! :)
  Couple Budget: 1500 and up.
G ❤ N`s Verdict::
Quality of Food- 4.2/5
Location- 5/5
Value for money-3.5/5
♥   Over-all- 4.34/5
MAKATI -2nd Level Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center Makati City  
  Tel no.: 729-3022 / 729-2862
For more information, visit their Site! :)